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     A Russian Woman ???

     What comes to mind when you hear the words      Russian Woman? The stereotypical image of a      babooska from a few decades back, or the vibrant,      beautiful, young Eastern European woman who 
     looks like she stepped off the pages of a glamour      magazine?

     The type of Russian woman featured on      RussianWoman.com is definitely much closer to the      latter description, and our Russian online dating      service offers you the chance to write and eventually      meet hundreds of charming and beautiful Russian      women.

     How Does This Work?

      Don't know much about dating a gorgeous single      woman from Russia? That's ok, we offer services      and assistance every step of the way, from your first      letter to your special Russian woman. Your future      happiness can begin right here.

     Just create your profile on Russian Woman and      search among Ukraine or Russian women profiles,      then write your letter and send it. We will not only      have your letter translated to the woman's native      language, Russian or Ukrainian, but we will contact      her as well, get your letter to her quickly, and her      reply back to you.

     Russian Women Only?

      RussianWoman.com does not only feature      women from Russia, but also Slavic women from      Ukraine as well. Letter writing is the first step, but      eventually you will need to travel to her country to      meet in person.

     For this, full tours are available to Ukrainian      cities Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Nikolaev and      numerous other cities. Individual tours are also      available to St Petersburg Russia and other      Russian cities to meet Russian women.