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St Petersburg Women

She was a St Petersburg lady and she aroused my curiosity. Not hard to do when meeting a woman in this Russian city. Anastasia is a beautiful St Petersburg woman. Not only gorgeous, but in shape, cultured, and charmingly interesting.

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Back to what I was saying. What did I learn from Russian women in Saint Petersburg? First and foremost, that the word 'elegance' has to be redefined in the dictionary. St Petersburg women are stunning when you see them walking by, but when you talk with them you see how easy they are to get to know. Many of these Russian ladies hold a university degree as well. When I met Anastasia, we enjoyed many hours of good conversation about various topics; which was a plus for me, as I never wanted to marry someone boring.

One story this Saint Petersburg woman told me was the history of her city. The short version is Czar Peter the Great needed a fortress in the west of his empire (in the east side of the Baltic Sea) to stop Swedish armies as well as prevent their further expansion.

Thus, in the early 18th century, Czar Peter commanded the construction of a stone fortress near

the Neva river, in western Russia. His idea of the city resembling both Venice and Amsterdam promised for St Petersburg a very special future. Three hundred years later, despite being so young compared to other European cities, St Petersburg has occupied such a place in history that Russia would not be the same without it.

Walking with a St Petersburg girl in this marvelous city is a complete adventure and
an invitation to recall the magnificence of Russian Czarist years. As I mentioned before, the city was built near the Neva river, but what I should have said exactly is that St Petersburg was built on the delta of Neva River. Anastasia explained me that when Czar Peter the Great ordered the construction of the city, he wanted people to go from one place to another on water, like it is in Venice, so few bridges were built until he died. Since then, more than 300 hundred bridges have appeared and I must confess that while I'm not an expert in art, it was marvelous to see the refined detail of their architecture.

However if you're not much of a "bridge person", you and your St Petersburg lady have many other options to enjoy yourselves. Chief among them is the Hermitage. This is the "don't miss" attraction in the city. 
If you are coming to visit a Russian girl from St Petersburg for a few days, try to stay a little longer and see it. The Hermitage is a collection of more than three million pieces of art, so believe me, it's worth every second you spend there. Besides that, the city streets usually offer you some interesting things to see. My Russian lady date Annie took me to a nice restaurant here in St Petersburg which was just a few blocks away from the Church of Our Saviour on the Spilled Blood, which is that beautiful tall reddish church that appears in all Russian passport cards. Apart from these two, you can continue with Kazan
cathedral, St Isaac cathedral and St. Peter and Paul cathedral, plus Peter and Paul fortress and Czar Peter the Great's house in St Petersburg. These buildings will astonish you and your St Petersburg lady.

As for me, I preferred going for a walk around St. Petersburg's palaces. So, Anastasia took me to the Summer Palace and Garden, to Kikin Hall, Mariinsky and Menshikov Palaces, the Admiralty; and to complete the tour we visited the Bronze Horseman and the monument to Catherine the Great. A couple of hours later we took a bus and went near St. Petersburg's State university, where she got her bachelor degree in physics.

For me, visiting St. Petersburg with a Russian woman beside me was a wonderful way to get to know each other better and experience the city. Even taking into account my Russian was null and her English was just so so, it was special starting from the funny fact we were striving to communicate the hard way!

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